Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Am I about to be Novopained?

It's the term break. I've got the car serviced, sorted some insurance for future circumstances, and I've been working on probably the biggest decision personally and financially I have made in my life yet!

Tonight I've arrived at the beach to spend time with cousins and catch up with old work colleagues and friends. I was at quiz and I thought, during a break, "I'll check that Twitter message that came while I was driving. "

Everyone was talking about Novopay. I checked my email. No payslip.

I asked if others had received payslips.

Someone retweeted a message to me saying that the payslips would come out at lunch time tomorrow but we'd still get paid on time.

I bank with Westpac.  While other banks may show you the money on Tuesday night, Westpac don't - well not in my account they don't.

I write this just before 1:00am on Wednesday morning. As of yet, my bank account does not show a deposit.

Is it my turn to be Novopained?

What new bug means that we haven't had our payslips yet?

Why now?

The anticipation is killing me.

I could well wake in the morning to find the usual deposit in my bank.

Or I might awaken unable to pay my rent, insurances, loan and bills.

What will happen remains to be seen.

The next morning: whew! Pay went in.

But for many others it did not.   My mate Beven can't even buy a $4 box of tea this morning.  His card declined.

This has gone on long enough.

The Novopay issue is well below standard.

Man up Steven Joyce and dump it.  We want Datacom back.

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