Thursday, 4 September 2014

Meeting the candidates for election 2014

It's election year.  There are election hoardings competing for space on every fence and scrap of green grass facing a busy thoroughfare.  There are politicians up and down the country door knocking, pressing the flesh and kissing babies.  And the television debates have started.

Different groups are also holding meet the candidate breakfasts, lunches and evening meetings.

On Monday 4 August, Matamata NZEI Branch held a meet the candidates night at the Matamata Club.  In attendance were the following candidates and representatives:
  • Susan Cullen - Maori Party candidate for Hauraki-Waikato electorate
  • Tracy Martin - New Zealand First Deputy Leader and Education Spokesperson and current List MP
  • Dr Ron Smith - ACT candidate for Hamilton East
  • Lindsay Tisch - National candidate for Waikato and current MP for Waikato
  • Catherine Delahunty - Green Party Education Spokesperson and candidate for Coromandel electorate and current List MP
  • Christine Greer - Labour Party candidate for Waikato electorate
All the speakers were wonderful participants, and you can read the Storify below to see how the night went.

On Tuesday 19 August, the Waikato NZEI Branch held a meet the candidates night at the Methodist Hall in Hamilton.  In attendance were the following candidates and representatives:
  • David Bennett - National candidate for Hamilton East and current MP
  • Nanaia Mahuta - Labour candidate for Hauraki-Waikato and current MP
  • Sue Moroney - Labour candidate for Hamilton West and current List MP
  • Cliff Allen - Labour candidate for Hamilton East
  • Mark Servian - Green Party candidate for Hamilton East
  • Katrina Day - Conservatives candidate for Hamilton East
  • Ray Calver - Internet Mana candidate for Hamilton East
  • Carolyn McKenzie - Democrats for Social Credit candidate for Hamilton East
Sadly Tim McIndoe was not present and no representatives attended from New Zealand First, ACT or the Mäori Party.

Below is a Storify of the tweets I sent out and received that night and after reflection the next morning.  There is also some commentary I have put in to round out the night.

Meet the candidate nights are all very well to get a gage of the person who may well be representing you in parliament after the election, but it is also vital that you do the following:
  • Read the policies of the parties different parties, including National (who has released stuff all policy so far) and ACT and the Conservatives (who have scary ideas about education!).
  • Meet any and all of the candidates in your electorate
  • Most NZEI branches are organising meet the candidates nights, so are many other groups.  So find one and go to it.
  • Find out where/how you can meet your candidates. Follow them on fb and/or Twitter.  Read their blogs.
  • Go to the party websites and read the policies.  Follow their blogs, fb pages and Twitter feeds.  Labour even has an Instagram account now.
  • Don't rely on the media to tell you what each party stands for. All you'll get is John Key & co telling you that everyone else is wrong and the personality sideshow of Colin Craig & Dotcom.  So dig a little deeper.
I have published this blog much later than I intended.  This was due to a lot of events happening including a busy time at school and moving house.  Thanks for reading anyway, and I hope it was helpful.

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